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Alpine accentor Accenteur alpin Mallard Canard colvert
Barn owl * Chouette effraie Marsh tit * Mésange nonette
Black kite * Milan noir Meadow pipit Pipit farlouse
Black redstart * Rougequeue noir Melodious warbler Hypolaïs polyglotte
Black woodpecker * Pic noir Middle spotted woodpecker Pic mar
Blackbird * Merle noir Mistle thrush * Grive draine
Blackcap * Fauvette à tête noire Montagu's harrier Busard cendré
Blue tit * Mésange bleue Moorhen Poule d'eau
Bonelli's warbler Pouillot de Bonelli Nightingale * Rossignol philoméle
Booted eagle Aigle botté Nightjar Engoulevent d'Europe
Brambling * Pinson du nord Nuthatch * Sittelle torchepot
Bullfinch * Bouvreuil pivoine Peregrine falcon Faucon pèlerin
Buzzard * Buse variable Pheasant * Faisan de chasse
Carrion crow * Corneille noire Pied flycatcher * Gobe-mouche noir
Chaffinch * Pinson des arbres Pochard Fuligule milouin
Chiffchaff * Pouillot veloce Quail Caille des blés
Cirl bunting Bruant zizi Raven * Corbeau grand
Citron finch Venturon montagnard Red kite * Milan royal
Coal tit * Mésange noire Red legged partridge Perdrix rouge
Common sandpiper Chevalier guignette Red-backed shrike * Pie-grièche écorcheur
Coot Foulque macroule Redpoll Sizerin flammé
Corn bunting Bruant proyer Redstart Rougequeue à front blanc
Crag martin Hirondelle de rochers Redwing * Grive maivis
Crested tit * Mésange huppée Reed bunting Bruantdes roseaux
Crossbill Beccroisé des sapins Ring ouzel Merle à plastron
Cuckoo * Coucou gris Robin * Rouge-gorge
Curlew Courlis cendré Rock bunting Bruant fou
Dipper * Cercle plongeur Rock thrush Merle de roche
Dunnock/hedge sparrow * Accenteur mouchet Rook * Corbeau freux
Eagle owl Hibou grand-duc Serin * Serin cini
Fieldfare * Grive litorne Short toed eagle Circaète Jean le blanc
Firecrest * Roitelet triple-bandeau Short toed tree creeper Grimpereau des jardins
Garden warbler Fauvette des jardins Short-eared owl Hibou des marais
Garganey Sarcelle d'été Shoveler Canard souchet
Goldcrest Roitelet huppé Siskin * Tarin des aulnes
Goldfinch * Chardonneret élégant Skylark Alouette des champs
Goshawk * Autour des palombes Snipe Bécassine des marais
Grasshopper warbler Locustelle tachetée Song thrush Greve musicienne
Great crested grebe Grèbe huppé Sparrow hawk * Epervier d'Europe
Great grey shrike Pie-grièche grise Spotted flycatcher Gobe-mouche gris
Great spotted woodpecker * Pic épeiche Starling * Etourneau sansonnet
Great tit * Mésange charbonnière Stock dove Pigeon colombin
Green sandpiper Chevalier culblanc Stonechat Traquet pâtre
Green woodpecker * Pic vert Swallow * Hirondelle de cheminée
Greenfinch * Verdurier Swift * Martinet noir
Grey heron * Heron cendré Tawny owl * Chouette hulotte
Grey partridge Perdrix grise Teal Sarcelle d'hiver
Grey wagtail * Bergeronette des ruisseaux Tengmalm's owl Chouette de Tengmalm
Grey-headed woodpecker Pic cendré Tree creeper * Grimpereau des bois
Hawfinch * Gros-bec Tree sparrow Moineau friquet
Hazelhen Gelinotte des bois Tufted duck Fuligule morillon
Hen harrier Busard St Martin Turtle dove  Tourterelle des bois
Hobby Faucon hobereau Wall creeper Tichodrome échelette
Honey buzzard * Bondrée apivore Water pipit Pipit spioncelle
Hoopoe * Huppe d'Europe Water rail Râle d'eau
House martin * Hirondelle de fenêtre Wheatear * Traquet motteux
House sparrow * Moineau domestique Whinchat  Traquet tarier
Jackdaw * Choucas des tours White wagtail Bergeronnette grise
Jay * Geai des chênes Whitethroat * Fauvette grisette
Kestrel * Faucon crécerelle Willow tit Mésange boréale
Kingfisher * Martin-pecheur Willow warbler Pouillot fitis
Lapwing Vanneau huppé Wood pigeon * Pigeon ramier
Lesser spotted woodpecker * Pic épeichette Wood warbler Pouillot siffleur
Linnet Linotte mélodieuse Woodchat shrike Pie-grièche à tête rousse
Little grebe Grèbe castagneux Woodcock Bécasse des bois
Little owl Chouette chevêche Woodlark Alouette lulu
Long tailed tit * Mésange à longue queue Wren * Trodlogyte
Long-eared owl Hibou moyen-duc Wryneck Torcol formillier
Magpie * Pie bavarde Yellow hammer * Bruant jaune

The following have also been seen: unidentified gulls/ terns, Collared dove, Black stork, Crane, Sand Martin, Griffon vulture! (presumably a vagrant from the Tarn Gorges), Redshank (in breeding plumage, Lac Crégut, 13.6.02)

Mr C Bouchardy, naturalist and author, writes that on the Massif du Sancy...
from the month of April, the craters and cliffs come alive with returning birds, including some of the rarest and most beautiful species. The Sancy is one of the last bastions of the rock thrush, a small, shy member of the genus, with blue head, red tail and vent and a white rump. At least ten pairs have been counted there on rocky escarpments and scree close to grassland.
The ring ouzel, another total migrant, black with a large white crescent on its breast, nests at over 1,000 metres in pine woods bordering pasture. The alpine dunnock, citron finch or rare wall creeper are more difficult to spot than commoner species such as chats, siskins, pipits and larks. The linnet, black redstart and wheatear are found on the high plateaux, wet land shelters meadow pipit, curlew and snipe.
The diversity of birds of prey deserves special mention, with sparrow hawk, goshawk, red kite, black kite, honey buzzard, buzzard, booted eagle, Montagu's harrier and short toed eagle (Circaetus gallicus, largest bird of prey in the region, a snake eater with a 170 cm wingspan). The black woodpecker has spread slowly and you can hear its powerful call among the hundred year old beeches.

He does not mention hen harriers which in spring and summer can be watched from the car near La Godivelle where one June evening in 1995 the Joneses saw more than 30 at the same time. As a comparison, according to The Field, only eight pairs bred in England that year.
Black kites, now extinct in Britain though common scavengers in medieval towns, are slowly regaining numbers in Auvergne. I cannot verify this personally, but apparently, a good place to see them is on the refuse tip at Issoire, although the Truyère gorges may prove pleasanter.

Montagne de la Serre, SW of Clermont, run by LPO (like the RSPB), 1 August to 15 November. On one of the main lines of passage for migrating birds; bird observation, audio visuals, exhibits, information.

The bird Observation point at the Col de Prat de Bouc near Murat/Plomb du Cantal operates in late summer/autumn.