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Auvergne Holiday Cottages Introduction text - FAQ's
Why do they put juniper bushes in strange places with coloured paper on?
Because there has been a wedding. Decorated evergreen trees are used to mark the route and the house. Modern fertility rite?

What are the tall fir trees for in front of some houses?
One of the occupants is an elected representative, probably on the town or county council.

Why do some cars have pink tulle on their aerials?

Because the car was at a wedding. Cars are decorated with tulle bows before they drive in convoy, horns hooting, to the reception.

Why do cows have bells?
Because their horns don't work.

What breed are Clover and Bleuet?
Border terriers, Clover is officially "wheaten" in colour and was born in October 1989, Bleuet is "grizzle" and was born in April 2001.

Why is there a railway station at Coindre in the Rhue valley?
There isn't. At least it's not a railway station, even though it says Paris-Orléans Railway Company on it. It was built as a hydro-electric generating station, presumably using a station design.

More FAQs to follow when the editor has time.