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Auvergne Holiday Cottages Introduction text - La Borie d'Estaules - Directions

Routes from the channel ports to La Borie d’Estaules:

"A" roads are Autoroutes, usually toll roads (Péages) and shown by blue signs. Green signs send you via main roads. We keep well away from Paris and the Péripherique (Paris ring road).
In driving time, we are 4½ hours from Paris, 3 hours from Vierzon and 1 hour from Clermont Ferrand.
If you will be arriving after 7 p.m., please phone to let us know.
Picnic? see "Shopping" on the Visitor Info sheet.

From Calais take A26 and A1 towards Paris; we go east of the city on A3, following signs to Orleans and Bordeaux, bringing you on to the A10.

From Cherbourg or Ouisterham, head for Caen then Paris on A13.
From Le Havre cross the Pont de Tancarville on A131 then follow Paris on A13.
To avoid Paris and its sprawling suburbs, leave the A13 at exit 19, signed to Orléans, N154. This route is being steadily improved and takes you via Evreux, Dreux, Chartres (the famous cathedral is clearly visible - possible breakfast stop). After Chartres, continuing on N154, follow signs to Orléans and the A10.

On A10 going south, look for signs to Clermont Ferrand A71 (a RIGHT filter). This long, fast stretch can be hot in summer. After paying your toll, continue south round Clermont without leaving the autoroute following A75 towards Montpellier. About 5 minutes south of Clermont leave the A75 at exit 6 signed Besse (en Chandesse) on D996. The road begins to climb steadily after Montagut-le-Blanc as you leave cultivated fields and red tiled roofs behind. Follow Besse on D978 through Le Chiex, notice the troglodyte caves in the cliff away to your left; go round Besse (centre to your right, useful Attac supermarket at second roundabout) towards Super Besse and Egliseneuve (d'Entraigues). You can usually see the Massif du Sancy, 1880 metres, on the right and the upper cable car station. Continue (left at forks) on D978 into Egliseneuve then on D678 towards Condat, in the hamlet of La Chapelle turn left before the river bridge, up the lane signed to Marniac. Ours is the tall house with a balcony, three hundred metres on the left behind white iron railings. The Stone Longère is next door. The Sweet Little House is 400 yards further on - hoot your horn as you go past. You will find the key under the flower pot and we’ll walk up to welcome you.

...and please, do arrive after 4 p.m., it takes time to make your house ready.

Approaches from other directions:
from the west, take the Brive-la-Gaillarde to Clermont autoroute, turn off near Ussel, go through Bort-les-Orgues, Riom-ès-Montagnes and Condat, leaving on D678 Egliseneuve/Besse/Clermont road, in La Chapelle cross the river bridge, turn right up the Marniac lane, then as above.
from the south, leave A75 at Massiac, go through Allanche and head north to Condat.
from the east, go round Lyon, follow Clermont; as you near Clermont, follow Montpellier to head south on A75 which you leave by exit 6, as above, heading for Besse.

If you don't see a sign to where you want, follow "Autres Directions" (i.e. everywhere else) or the all embracing "Toutes Directions". A sign at the far side of a cross roads pointing left or right may mean straight on. Even when you do spot them, French road signs are not always clear, even to the natives!

Michelin provides an on-line routing service at We’re at Condat 15190 France.

If you have sat nav, the Longère is at: Latitude = 45.3591, Longitude = 2.7969
the Sweet Little House is at: Latitude = 45.3606, Longitude = 2.8015
Or on a map the Longère is: Lat = 45 degrees 21.5 minutes North, Long = 2 degrees 47.8 minutes East
the SLH is: Lat = 45 degrees 21.6 minutes North, Long = 2 degrees 48.1 minutes East

Our phone number is 04 71 78 63 57.
La Borie d'Estaules is on the route de Marniac, near La Chapelle, Condat.
Our postal address is Scott, La Borie d'Estaules, 15190 Condat, France